Why choose plastic wicker for your outdoor furniture raw material?

Posted By:Leisure Touch Rattan | July 20,2021


There are a wide variety of materials in outdoor furniture, bamboo, aluminum, wood, plastic wicker and rattan etc. Due to its versatility, aesthetics and resistance, it is increasingly common to find rattan furniture.

Garden furniture is usually exposed to the open air and the sun for long periods, which requires a good choice of its material.


Plastic Wicker

Natural rattan has a warm appearance, but it deteriorates more quickly in the sun and rain. That is why you always need to nurture them every year, for their best conservation.

And synthetic rattan is very similar to natural rattan, light and flexible. It is very easy to weave, it is a good material to make the interior and exterior decorative objectives. It is very versatile material with a rustic, traditional, minimalist and elegant style. The plastic wicker is made of HDPE high density polyethylene, it is recycled and customized. It is an ideal option for your outdoor furniture business.